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Apollo 600 Air Fed Blast Helmets





The Clemco Apollo 600 Air Fed Blast Helmet features double shell construction that provides air circulation around the operators head.  Noise levels inside the helmet are kept low thanks to Clemco’s exclusive air distribution systems.

The Apollo 600 Helmet has a positive pressure system where air is brought into the top of the helmet, passes over the entire head and is filtered out through a kitted neck band that gently seals against the operators neck.  The neck band on the Apollo 600 is easily removed for cleaning.

The Clemco Apollo 600 helmet features the following benefits:

  • Air Distribution Chamber ensures even air flow throughout the helmet.
  • The Apollo 600 has an APF1000 rating  which means that it will deliver the highest level of protection against toxic dust.
  • Double shell construction protects against common impacts.
  • Bright red colour stands out and is easily seen in a blasting environment.
  • Fully adjustable head harness ensures a good fit for most sized heads.
  • Acoustical foam layers attached to helmet wall for additional sound protection.
  • Extra large window gives a full view of the blast area and increases peripheral vision for safety.
  • Built in chin strap for increased stability and security.

Industrial Minerals offers the Apollo 600 helmet on a “Try before you Buy” basis.  Order a helmet and, as long as it is undamaged, it can be returned for a full credit – no questions asked.