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Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd Credit Account

Note: Minimum spend of $2,500 per year is required in order to maintain an open credit account.

Many of our valued customers prefer to place orders on a credit account instead of paying up front or by credit card upon order placement.

Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd is pleased to offer credit accounts to customers, we just have one simple expectation: our invoices are paid on time, when they are due. See below for a simple credit application that you can download, fill out, sign and email back to us.

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How to Apply for a Credit Account

  • Customers are requested to complete all aspects of the credit application form. Many customers have their own pre-printed format. These are acceptable if they address the additional details requested in our form and our credit application form is signed.
  • Please make sure that the applications are signed by a director/trustee/sole trader and dated. Unsigned applications are invalid. All applications must be signed by a DIRECTOR of the Limited company, or an authorised TRUSTEE of a trading trust.
  • Please include the name, title and contact of another person in your company. It is a good fraud prevention measure/protection for yourself, as it will avoid impersonators pretending to be employees of good credit companies.

Our credit policy is reasonable, the below bullet points provide an overview of our policy:

  • Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd offers a 30-day credit account – which means invoices need to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date
  • Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd accepts many forms of payment for accounts: Cheque, Direct Credit, Wire Transfer, Credit Card (We only accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards)
  • If a Credit Card is used for a payment, a 3% fee will be assessed at time of payment but will apply to all payments over $1,500 or any payment of an invoice that is past due
  • Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd will send out notices to our valued customers that have outstanding balances that are past due. The tone of our notices will become more and more stern and overdue accounts will be placed on hold until the past due amounts are paid! The credit account and or credit limit will also be reviewed once an account becomes overdue or is placed on hold.
  • Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd will place credit accounts on hold if they are delinquent
  • Purchase of at least $2,500 per year from Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd in order to maintain your open credit account.
  • Overdue interest will be charged on all overdue credit accounts at 2.5% per month. (accounts in and exceeding 60 days maybe closed)
  • All sales are subject to Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd will require the payment of any outstanding amount before supplying on a cash sale basis.
  • Cash sale accounts are subject to a minimum order value, which is subject to review
  • This list isn’t our exhaustive credit policy but covers the important parts

Once we receive your signed credit application, we start a 2-step verification process:

  1. Firstly, we may run a credit rating report (that may include details liens, PPSR filings and other concerns if any).
  2. Secondly, we call the references listed.
  3. Please ensure the references provided will provide a credit reference and you have a credit history with that supplier as this will avoid any delays.

While the first step takes less than a few hours to turnaround, credit references could take time because of delays in receiving a call back from your listed references. Typically, credit applications should be processed within a 48-hour window. However, you are encouraged to get the credit evaluating process in motion well before prospective orders.

Industrial Minerals  (NZ) Ltd is committed to ensuring a sale is not missed due to procedural aspects.

Download Credit Application

Thank you for your interest. Click below to download our credit application. Submit your application via instructions on the downloaded pdf. Contact us with questions.

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