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Gel Aus 4



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Gel Aus 4 is a specialist Civil and Special Foundation drilling bentonite exhibiting a high yield, exceptional filtration control and excellent protection and stability to cement contamination. Gel Aus 4 is quick to hydrate in fresh water and can be used with other specialist polymers when required for additional performance in challenging ground conditions.

Physical Profile:

Aspect Grey
Water content % 14 maximum
Wet screen analysis 75µm% 4 maximum retained
Swelling ml/2gm 22 maximum
Loose bulk density 1.0 (average)
Apparent settled density 1.2 (average)
Specific weight g/cm3 2.2 (average)

Fluid Profile:

pH of 5% gel 10 pH (typical)
36kgs/m3 36 sec MFV
Filtrate ml/30min <20ml

Recommended Treatment:
Normal drilling conditions, 30 to 50kg per 1000ltr fresh water. For poorly consolidated formation(s), dosage rates can be increased for additional panel/hole stability.

Allow sufficient time for the Gel Aus 4 to fully yield for the best results. Pre-mix Gel Aus 4 in fresh water and allow it to fully yield before adding to salty or hard water.

Pack Size:
48 x 25kg Bags packed into a 1.2T Bulk Bag