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Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide is found naturally and the gem stones Sapphire & Ruby are made mostly from Aluminium Oxide with trace impurities deciding the final colour.



Aluminium Oxide is the second hardest abrasive after diamond. The hard and crystalline nature of Aluminium Oxide makes it a very fast cutting abrasive which is also used for extensively in the manufacture of coated and bonded abrasives. It can be used for the roughest cutting down to a precision micro finish on high spec parts. Aluminium Oxide is also suitable for use where no ferrous contamination can be tolerated.

There are several methods of producing Aluminium Oxide from bauxite. Each method produces a different level of quality suitable for differing end uses.

The Aluminium Oxide sold by Industrial Minerals and used in the abrasive industry is normally produced at very high temperatures in controlled arc furnace. The degree of control allows a very hard product to be produced and at a typical hardness of 9.0 Mohs, a product ideal for abrasive users.

Available Grades:

Grade Microns Colour
#16 1400-1180 Brown
#24 850-710 Brown
#36 600-500 Brown
#60 300-250 Brown
#80 212-180 Brown
#90 180-150 Brown
#120 125-106 Brown & White
#150 106-75 Brown
#180 90-63 Brown & White
#220 75-53 Brown
#240 70-28 Brown

Pack Size:
25kg Bags