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Top of the range Super Light Weight Silicone Nitride Venturi Nozzles with 1 1/4” entry and a Urethane jacket. Using materials designed for use in the US Space Program, the Red Devil should be the first choice nozzle for all who value long lasting tools.




Part No. Description Size Thread Entry
BENOZ5/16SC #5 Red Devil 5/16” 50mm 1 1/4”
BENOZ3/6SC #6 Red Devil 3/8” 50mm 1 1/4”
BENOZ7/16SC #7 Red Devil 7/16” 50mm 1 1/4”
BENOZ1/2SC #8 Red Devil 1/2” 50mm 1 1/4”

Compressed Air and Abrasive Consumption:

*Consumption rates are based on abrasives that weigh 100 pounds per cubic foot.