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HD 200 Bentonite



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HD 200 is a selectively mined high montmorillonite Sodium Bentonite produced under controlled conditions. It is specially formulated to meet the high requirements of tunneling and HDD. It helps m rapid viscosity development while maintaining effective borehole stabilization and enhanced filtration control in most water- based drilling fluids.

Excellent yield point
Improved viscosity
Excellent carrying capacity

Easy mixing to achieve maximum viscosity
Suitable for all kinds of soil surface
Good suspension capability
Provides best lubricity

Simply mix with water using an efficient mixer slowly and uniformly to the entire system. Ready to use within 10 min after mixing.

Typical Properties:

Paramaters Specifications (with 5% Bentonite)
Moisture 10 – 12%
pH value 9 – 10.5
Marsh funnel viscosity (5% Bentonite in 1L) >80 sec.

(Average values: the product delivered may show slight deviations from the values listed in the Technical information, since it is manufactured from a natural raw material)

Pack Size:
42 x 25kg Bags packed in a 1.05T Bulk Bag

Store in Cool, dry and well ventilated place away from foreign materials.

Viscosity could be described as the flow of a liquid and is measured by centipoises (cps). Good viscosity properties are the key to maintaining the proper flow of cuttings out of the borehole. The yield of drilling fluids is typically compared by how many barrels (42 gal/bbl) of drilling fluid at 40-cps that one short ton (2000 lbs) of bentonite will make. Typically calcium bentonite yields about 35-45 bbl/ton. Some standard western sodium bentonite yields 90 bbl/ton minimum, while some advanced fluids yield over 200 bbl/ton. Even though some bentonites appear to be low cost, they might actually be more expensive when compared by actual yield. HD200 and SP200 have a significantly higher yield than API grade but price wise, the per bbl works out to be lower.

Typical Properties:

Product Yield (bbl/ton) Fluid loss Gel Strength (10min)
API 13A SEC 11 92 min Max 15 10-12
API 13A SEC 9 92 min Max 16 10-12
SP100 110 min 16-18 15
180 min
180 min