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CS37 Economy Blast Cabinet





The CS37 blast cabinet is an economical, mid-sized, light-duty blast cabinet with a surprisingly extensive features list. It is a robust solution for applications with limited compressed air and power supplies.

  • All steel cabinet shell.
  • Twin door access.
  • Powder coated internal and external finish.
  • Full height floor mounting legs.
  • Cotton lined vinyl operating gloves.
  • Cabinet mounted Control Panel.
  • Pressure regulator, pressure gauge, stop/start button and indicator lights.
  • Dual blasting gun system, one foot pedal operated and one trigger operated.
  • Rear mounted dust collector, cartridge filter and fan assembly.

Common Applications:

  • De-scale and de-rust metal surfaces.
  • Remove paint and powder coating.
  • De-burr and de-flash castings and moldings.
  • Decorative finishing of non-ferrous metals.
  • Glass and stone etching.

View full data sheet here.