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Flat Trak Recovery System


The revolutionary Flat-Trak® Recovery Floor is a quite, low profile, full-area recovery system.

Simplicity in design and operation
Rugged steel vanes, suspended within a pneumatically powered frame, push the media forward. The pneumatic drive cylinder delivers up to 440 pounds of force to easily push the heaviest steel abrasives. As the frame moves back, the vanes ride up over the back into position for the forward push.

The cross drive module, operating on the same level as the floor modules, carries the media to the bucket elevator.

Adjustable electro-pneumatic cycle timers allow complete control of feed rates for all floor modules and cross drive modules.

by adjusting the feed rates, the Flat-Trak® floor can keep pace with two full-time blast operators using 3/8-inch nozzles, at 100 psi.

Proven economy that’s readily available
The durable Flat-Trak® floor costs less to purchase, install, operate and maintain than comparably sized screw conveyor and inertial pan floors, yet it easily handles all mesh sizes of steel grit.

View full datasheet here.