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The Farrow Flow is a blast pot “production enhancing device” that easily installs on the outlet of any blast pot. The device twists the air in a vortex motion to create an optimal air and abrasive mixture at the nozzle. The Farrow Flow results in a 25% wider abrasive spread/pattern at the nozzle, saving time, abrasive, and labour consumption.




Farrow FLOW® technology is now available with a patented insert designed to be easily installed into the air inlet of any blast machine. Once inserted, this state-of-the-art technology twists the air in a vortex motion creating an optimal mixture at the nozzle. The result is 25% wider spread at the nozzle and 25% savings in time, media and fuel consumption.


By creating a helical pattern in the air flow, Farrow FLOW® patented technology creates added momentum when added to traditional blast pot air lines. Pressure is increased by the spinning motion created inside of the blast pipe as the media and air mixture travels toward the nozzle. This rotating flow as we know from the knowledge of a tornado, is also known as vortex flow which causes the mixture to be pushed to the interior walls of the blast pipe before exiting the nozzle. This creates dramatically visible results when the mixture vents to atmosphere at the end of the nozzle as it exits the nozzle with a wider & more consistent spread at a higher velocity.


Length: 2.56” Width: 2.43” Height: 3.84” Weight: 6.4 oz Each Unit includes: 1.25” NPT Male and Female Thread US Patent Application No: 63/085329


Farrow Flow – Blast Pot Marketing Flyer Farrow Flow – Instruction & Safety Data Farrow Flow – Scientific Explanation Flyer

* Please note the performance figures are provided by the manufacturer

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