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PB1500PMB Plastic Media Blast Cabinet





The PB1500PMB Heavy Duty Pressure Blast Cabinet is a highly efficient, industrial blast cabinet, designed for use with plastic blasting media.


  • Specially designed dump valve, allows blasting pressures as low as 5psi (35kPa).
  • Optional magnetic grid separator removes ferrous contaminates from the plastic media.
  • 28 liters (1ft3) blast pot with 60° cone for smooth abrasive flow.
  • Cyclone type abrasive separator cleans the abrasive during use.
  • Safety door interlock.
  • Integral dry cartridge reverse pulse dust collector maintains visibility.
  • Heavy duty, wear resistant rubber gloves.
  • Quick-change laminated glass viewing window – no tools required.
  • Garnet II abrasive metering valve.
  • Compressed air regulator and gauge.
  • Standard air blow down gun standard.

Common Applications:

  • De-scale and de-rust soft surfaces.
  • Remove coatings without damaging substrate.
  • De-burr, de-flash and clean delicate surfaces.
  • Removal of release agents and contamination from molds.

View full data sheet here.