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Stainless Steel Shot

Stainless Steel Shot is one of the longest lasting most durable abrasives available. Produced from Cast Stainless Steel, it will provide repeatable, consistent performance for thousands of cycles, a critical factor when using for shot peening purposes. During use, and because of the continuous impacting, Stainless Steel Shot will work harden itself, its internal structure changing from austenitic to martensite. This transformation enables it to withstand up to 5000 impacts. Due to its exceptionally low break down rate (approx 0.02% per cycle), virtually no dust is produced from the abrasive itself.



The high density of Stainless Steel Shot along with it not shattering on impact, also delivers very high impact energies to the work piece, resulting in faster cleaning rates.

Stainless Steel Shot is used for applications where residue on the blasted component is undesirable and/or when a very bright surface finish is required. Stainless Steel Shot will not rust or leave any ferrous residue or staining on the work piece. Stainless Steel Shot is widely used on magnesium, aluminium, nickel and chromium based alloy components and other nonferrous parts.

Industry users include: Aerospace/Aviation, Automotive, Consumer Goods Manufacturing, Foundry/Die Cast and OEM Subcontractors.

Typical applications include: Peening critical aircraft and automotive components; surface preparation of stainless steel and non ferrous components; removal of ceramic residue from investment castings and deburring and surface finishing of aluminium die castings.

Pack Size:
25kg Bags