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Wheel Blast Machines/Turbine Blasters

Industrial Minerals Abrasive Wheel Machines are the most cost effective way to produce consistent blast profiles for high volumes of repetitive work.

Our Abrasive Wheel Machines are custom designed and built to blast high volumes of standardised shapes and sizes of blast sections.

Better Design | Better Build | Better Performance = Better financial outcomes!

Examples of blast sections suitable for Abrasive Wheel Machines:

  • Pipes
  • Structural Steel
  • Plate
  • Scaffolding
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Drums

Only our Abrasive Wheel Machines incorporate the Airstream Abrasive Classifier to continuously clean and recycle used abrasive to significantly reduce total blasting costs.

Our Abrasive Wheel Machine delivers a significantly better return on investment.

  • Highly efficient continuous blasting reduces operating costs.
  • Continuous Airstream Abrasive Cleaning significantly reduces abrasive consumable costs
  • 10+ years of operating life with minimal regular maintenance cost


Wheel Blast Machine Types

Some examples of Wheel Blast Machine types are as below however we can offer a fully custom built machine to suit your requirements also!

Section Blasting

A six wheel section blast machine is ideal for universal beams up to 880mm X 300mm

Plate Blasting

An eight wheel plate blast machine is ideal for curved steel plates that are commonly used to make large tanks for liquids.

Pipe Blasting

A single wheel high performance machine is ideal to clean steel pipes.