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White Cement

Industrial Minerals White cement is the whitest cement and strongest, the colour is consistently the best, it is made in a modern factory under strict quality control. It is produced from a very pure high quality source of raw material.




Industrial Minerals whiteness is measured on a blue/green scale and produces a sharp, crisp, clean white which is preferred by Architects, Specifiers and customers (as opposed to a whiteness measured on a yellow scale, which may not be the preferred whiteness or the whiteness you require due to the yellow scale).

Strong: In the past the white cements available in NZ were weaker than the local cements and so more cement was required when mixing, Industrial Minerals high strength white cement produces high early strengths and does not require higher mix ratios, this allows for a quicker turn over for moulded products, less breakages and higher quality products.

Consistent: Being produced in a modern factory to the highest production standards means the consistency of colour and strength is unrivalled. The manufacturing plant can produce 600,000 tonnes p.a. is BSEN ISO 9001 2008 quality system accepted by BSI

Quality: Our cement is manufactured under strict quality control and manufactured to EN197-1 Cem 1 52.5N

Experience: Industrial Minerals have been supplying white cement for close to 20 years. Our white cement is industry recognised as a leading white cement and industry proven by many major users.

Stock: We carry large stocks throughout New Zealand with warehouses in both the North and South Islands

Delivery: We have a large distribution network and can deliver product quickly to meet our customer’s requirement

WHITE CEMENT – Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd Offers White Rock White Cement From UAE.

Typical uses for White Portland Cement are use in architectural masonry, exposed aggregates, terrazzo, and structural applications where colour is important.

Typical Physical Test Results – White Rock Cement

  • Fineness – Blaine Test 376 M2/Kg
  • Soundness – Le Chatelier 0.75 mm
  • Setting Time – Vicat Test Initial 109 mins – Final 178 mins
  • Compressive Strength – Mortar Prisms 2 Days 28 N/mm2, 7 Days 48 N/mm2, 28 Days 61 N/mm2
  • Colour – Tristimulus Y Value 88 %
  • Whiteness 92 %
  • Strength Classification 52.9N

Pack Size:
25kg bags on a Pallet
40kg bags on a Pallet

The information provided is, to the best of our knowledge, representative of the product. Natural products do vary, so these figures are approximations for guidance only. As conditions of use are beyond our control, no liability is accepted for any loss or damage sustained arising from the use of this information or any products.  Because of ongoing development the product parameters may be changed without notice.