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Pure Gel



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Pure Gel is a non-peptised sodium bentonite. Pure Gel may be used as a low barrel yield bentonite for additional solids content in a mud slurry without significant viscosity increase. Pure Gel is particularly suited for use with Mixed Metal Hydroxide ‘MMH’ products such as Shear Gel for high gel strength shear thinning mud. May also be used as a cement filler in grouting operations.

Applications / Functions:
Easy mixing sodium bentonite
Low rheology profile
Perfectly suited for Shear Gel MMH mud slurries
Good filtration control with the addition of PAC’s* or Poly Dex
Filler for cementing / grouting operations

Recommended Treatment:
30 to 50kg per 1000ltr water or to rheology targets.

Allow sufficient time for the Pure Gel to fully yield for the best results. Pre-mix Pure Gel in fresh water and allow it to fully yield before adding additional products.

Typical ratio when using in an MMH system is 10 parts Pure Gel to 1 part Shear Gel to rheology targets.

Pack Size:
48 x 25kg Bags packed into a 1.2T Bulk Bag