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Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd is a leading supplier of Drilling Fluids and Bentonites.

  • High Concentration
  • High Performance
  • Best Value
  • Best Results
  • Experience and Service
  • High Stock Levels
  • Distribution warehouses Nationwide
  • New Zealand owned and operated
  • It is our on-going commitment to offer you the best choice of Drilling Fluids and Bentonites.

Australian Drilling Fluids was established from an acquisition of Tuff Drilling Solutions. ADF has an innovative team of Mud Technicians whom have over 30 years’ experience in the Mining, Exploration, Water Wells and Horizontal Directional Drilling markets. ADF provides cost effective solutions and products that will improve production on all projects.

ADF have in-house training facilities and offer on-site training to all clients. Together with our unique formulations made to simplify the use of fluids to suit all types of ground conditions, ADF can offer Experience, Innovation and Solutions.

We stock one of best and most competitive range of bentonites products available in New Zealand from 220 bbl bentonites to a range of bentonite granules to suit most applications. These bentonites have many years of proven performance and results in New Zealand. These bentonites are produced by one of the world’s largest manufacturers. As Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd is a large bulk purchaser of worldwide minerals we are able to pass on these savings to our customers offering potentially large savings over other products and still providing the highest quality and performance.

We have listed a range of drilling fluid programs for quick and easy options that suit the majority of New Zealand drilling applications, more detailed mud programs for specific drilling programs are also available.

Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd also stock a range of high purity quartz sands through-out New Zealand. These sands have been approved and used by the leading Drilling Companies for 20 years.

We are committed to maintaining high stock levels, warehouse’s located throughout New Zealand for quick and cost effective deliveries and service excellence. Providing you the assurance and supply that you require.

Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd supplying Drilling Fluids and Bentonites to leading Drilling Companies for 20 years.

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