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Gel Extra



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Gel Extra viscosifier is a finely ground, premium grade sodium bentonite, specially processed to promote ease of mixing and superior mud mixing in fresh water.

Applications / Functions:
Controls filtration rates by forming a thin tough filter cake.

Promotes hole stability in poorly consolidated and caving formations. Aids in overcoming seepage and some loss of circulation in porous formations. Makes and economical, single sack, low solids drilling mud.

Gel Extra mixes easily to yield a high viscosity mud.

Gel Extra is environmentally acceptable. Gel Extra is economical as a single product preparation for low solids drilling mud.

Recommended Treatment:
Normal drilling conditions, 15 to 30kg per 1000ltr water.

In gravel or poorly consolidated formations, 35 to 50kg per 1000ltr water. To help overcome lost circulation, 40 to 60kg per 1000ltr water. Mix by adding slowly through a venturi mixer.

Allow sufficient time for the Gel Extra to fully yield for the best results. Pre-mis Gel Extra in fresh water and allow it to fully yield, before adding to salty or hard water.

Pack Size:
48 x 25kg Bags packed into a 1.2T Bulk Bag