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Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap



Temporary Roofs, Tents & Shelters

VERISAFE® width and flame retardant shrink foil used on scaffolds for roofs, shelters and tents.

Containments for SHIP BUIDING and Offshore

VERISAFE® encapsulations and systems with shrink film used in shipyards, ship repairs and oil rig repairs.

Scaffolds cladding and shrink wrap encapsulation

VERISAFE® Scaffold cladding with certified LPS shrink foil, scaffold shrink wrap sheeting.

Asbestos Removals Encapsulations

Applications of VERISAFE® Polyethylene films in asbestos removals decontamination.

Transport Packaging for Big Volumes

VERISAFE® watertight shrink packaging for transport of big volumes.

Environmental protection

VERISAFE® scaffold encapsulation to protect the environmental and to create the optimal inside work conditions during blast and painting works.

Industrial Maintenance & Power Stations not halogenated

Shrink foil covering for temporally roofs after wether disaster, fire and asbest removals. Shrink encapsulation for maintenance, blast and painting off stockage Tanks also in Power Stations. Flame retardant without Halogen.