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Explosion-Proof Gas Dryers- HLSXG



Van Air Systems HLSXG regenerative desiccant natural gas dryers deliver extremely dry gas in the harshest and most challenging operating environments, where safety and performance are of central importance. HLSXG dryers are explosion proof and have been designed to operate in areas classified as hazardous, Class 1 Division 1, Groups C & D, per the National Electric Code.

In the natural gas industry, operators often rely on pressurized natural gas to power essential equipment and instrumentation within confined spaces where explosive gases may be present. In these environments, all equipment must be designed to eliminate the possibility of spark generation and explosions. All electrical enclosures and components on HLSXG have been designed and tested with these conditions in mind.

HLSXG dryers remove water vapor from saturated gas through the process of pressure swing adsorption. Each dryer consists of two desiccant columns. While one column is on-line drying gas, the other column is regenerated using a portion of depressurized purge gas. The flow of process and purge gas is automatically and continuously switched between the two desiccant columns by an integrated timer. The purge gas along with exhaust vapors from control valves is routed to a single exhaust coupling. Exhaust gases from the dryer can be routed to a vapor recovery unit or flare stack. Pressure dew points of -40 degrees or lower can be achieved with a properly sized HLXG dryer.

HLSXG dryers are available in flow capacities of 55-800 standard cubic feet per minute and 100 PSIG, with control voltages of 115V or 12V DC and a standard design pressure of 250 PSIG. Non-standard capacities, please contact the Van Air Systems factory.

Features and Benefits

  • -40ºF pressure dew point
  • Flow capacities for 55-800 SCFM at 100 PSIG
  • Explosion proof controls, Class 1 Division 2 Groups C & D
  • Power supply 115V-1PH-60HZ or 12V DC
  • Small footprint for convenient installation
  • 250 PSIG maximum working pressure
  • Left and right tower pressure gauges,liquid filled stainless steel
  • ASCO Control Valves
  • Stainless steel control tubing and fittings
  • Self-relieving control regulator
  • Color Changing moisture indicator
  • Adjustable purge flow control
  • Optional coalescing pre-filter and after-filter


  • Instrument gas dehydration and fuel gas conditioning

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