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Blast Rooms

Better Design | Better Build | Better Performance = Better financial outcomes!

Better Performance

When we refer to the blast room or sandblasting room we are referring to the structure that is the main shell. The design phase is very important to get it right, and requires customisation for each and every client as the size of the chamber directly affects the volume of ventilation needed to clear the blast room of dust. Also the size of the product/s that are to be blasted, the number of operators, hours of operation and many other factors need to be considered.

Better Build

Industrial Minerals Blast Room Manufacturer has Australia’s leading manufacturing capability of large blast chambers. They have built many units and also offer the option of the customer purchasing workshop drawings to be able build the sandblasting facility themselves.

Better Performance

Industrial Minerals has three main styles of blast rooms, the Maxi-Build, the Mega-Build and the Portable. You can find more information about sandblasting rooms if you click on the options below.

Better Financial Outcomes

When it comes to blast chambers, Industrial Minerals Manufacturer is the market leader in design, build/manufacturing and performance. This ensures that what you are getting will be the best fit for your business and maximise return on investment. Our blast chambers, or sandblasting cabinets, are well known for their durability with some of the very original systems installed over 40 years ago and still in full operation!

Three Types of Blast Chambers

Industrial Minerals three types of blast chambers that can be sized and fitted with componentry to meet customer requirements.

Maxi-Build Rooms

Large, heavy-duty chambers ideally suited for very large blast sections and high volumes of work.

Find out more about the build specification, benefits and uses of Maxi-Build Chambers.

Mega-Build Rooms

Ideal for medium and light work. Suitable for long lengths of blast sections in large volume.

Find out more about the build specification, benefits and uses of Mega-Build Chambers.

Portable Rooms

Ideal for high volume small items or infrequent blasting of larger sections. Our Portable Chambers are self-contained units that can be dropped on site and be operational within 24 hours.

Find out more about the build specification, benefits and uses of Portable Chambers.

Industrial Minerals provide superior blasting solutions that are designed and built to individual customer requirements. This is done by optimising and combining our unique blast chamber componentry:

  • Oscillating conveyor abrasive recovery systems
  • Airstream abrasive cleaning systems
  • Dust extraction systems
  • Rail and trolley configurations

Industrial Minerals continue to innovate in the areas of blast chamber design, construction and operational efficiency:

  • A complete portable blasting solution
  • Blast Chamber lighting and dust extraction that improves visibility and operator effectiveness
  • Stronger chamber construction that increases operational life and supports wider door spans that improve overall operational efficiency