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The T-Valve is an improved, normally closed abrasive metering valve requiring pilot air signal to permit abrasive flow.




The valve may be used on both pressure hold blast pots and pressure release blast pots. The BSP version is intended for connection with most non-US equipment and is available in various sizes and configurations.

  • Quick valve actuation
  • Anti-vibration washer
  • Exhaust filter prevents dust from entering air chamber
  • Solid tungsten carbide plunger
  • Hardened connecting pipe nipple
  • Piston travel stop nut
  • Improved plunger seat and piston design
  • Stainless steel internal parts
  • Clean out/drain port
  • Graduation markings

Common Applications

  • Pressure hold blast pots and multiple outlet blast pots
  • Pressure release blast pots, to prevent unwanted filling of blast hose