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Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd has become established as a leading supplier to New Zealand and Australian industrial markets. With a head office in Auckland and distribution depots in Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, combined with access to offshore and local manufacturing and storage facilities, Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd is able to offer a large range of both products and services.

Verisafe Flame Resistant Shrink Wrap

A basic flame test on Verisafge Scaffold Encapsulation film, available through Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd.

Kemtron Packaged Mud Recycling

This video shows the Packaged Mud Recycling product line offered by KEMTRON Technologies, available through Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd.

The Geoblaster

The GEOBLASTER® is the leader in wet abrasive blasting technology.

The Geoblaster

The GEOBLASTER® has a number of uses in the marine & slipway industries.

The Geoblaster

The GEOBLASTER® in an Industrial Marine application, removing 40 mils paint with Zinc Primer.

The Geoblaster

The GEOBLASTER® offers an ideal alternative to previous road marking removal methods.

The Geoblaster

The GEOBLASTER® can be used with various abrasives to remove coatings from aviation parts.

The Geoblaster

The GEOBLASTER® is perfect for automotive abrasive blasting.

Clemco Turntable Blast Cabinet

Industrial Minerals supply a range of abrasive blasting cabinets to suit a number of applications.

Clemco Robot Integrated Cabinet

Industrial Minerals supply a range of abrasive blasting cabinets to suit a number of applications.

Clemco Blast Rooms

From "off the shelf " solutions to highly customised blast facilities, Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd and Clemco are able to provide, top of the line, tried and tested, abrasive blast rooms.

Apollo 600 Blasting Helmets

The Clemco Apollo 600 Air Fed Blast Helmet features double shell construction that provides air circulation around the operators head. Noise levels inside the helmet are kept low thanks to Clemco's exclusive air distribution systems.

Internal Pipe Blasting Tools

These tools are designed to blast clean the inside of pipes without the necessity of rotating the pipe. They remove rust, old paint, and any other contaminants better than any other method.

Internal Pipe Painting Tools

An innovative and highly efficient solution to the difficult job of applying paint to the inside of pipe or tubing. Designed to produce a uniform layer of paint at remarkable speed and is easy to operate and maintain. Typical coating rates of 10 lineal feet per minute (3m/min) are obtained for most types of paint. In general, these tools can use any coating that can be sprayed by an airless pump.

Super Comet Blast & Recovery System

The Clemco closed-circuit blaster, the CCB, puts the blast process in the operator’s hands—blasting, containing the dust, and recovery—keeping the blast area clean, and protecting both the operator and the environment.

ElectroPhysik Coating Thickness Gauges

The new series of coating thickness gauges from ElectroPhysik based on innovative SIDSP Technology. SIDSP stands for Sensor-Integrated Digital Signal Processing - a technology where the sensors create and control the signals for the sensor head in a completely digital manner, inside the sensor.

Industry Profile Video

A video outlining the Industrial Minerals industry as a whole.

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