Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd stocks and sells a range of Remote Control & Abrasive Valves and replacement parts.  The most popular models are listed on this page.  However, other types of valves are also stocked including the Thomson MkII, the Gladiator and the Basic Ball Valve.  Also stocked are replacement parts for other valves in use throughout New Zealand.

Quantum Abrasive Metering Valve

The CLEMCO QUANTUM Valve is an easily adjustable abrasive metering valve which maintains precise settings from fully closed to fully open.

The QUANTUM Valve is used with all types of common abrasives.

The QUANTUM Valve is also able to be converted to a Deadman “Pressure Hold” and “Remote Abrasive Cut-Off” system.  

The QUANTUM Valve features an easily removable plate to allow access to any blockages without removing the valve and is designed to be able to be serviced easily in the field.



  • Easily Serviced without removing any piping.

  • Cast Aluminium body resists corrosion.

  • Accurately meters all common abrasives.

  • One-hand operation.

  • Takes 8 to 9 turns from fully closed to fully opened

  • Easy access to clear any blockages.

  • Single part “High Wear” replacement.

  • Wye shaped abrasive entry for minimum turbulence.


RMS (Pressure Release) Valve

Strike a balance between safety and costs.

The RMS Valve is the cost effective solution for safe and effective blasting.  Linked to a pneumatic Deadman handle, the RMS valve will shut off both the air and abrasive by venting the pressure in the blast pot through the muffler allowing safe handling of the blast hose.

The RMS Valve combines both inlet valve and exhaust muffler.  The valve should be used in conjunction with an abrasive metering valve such as the Clemco QUANTUM Valve or the Super Garnet Valve.


Super Garnet Metering Valve

The Industrial Minerals Super Garnet Valve is positioned at the base of the blast pot and is used to monitor the flow of abrasive into the blast line. 

The simple design of the valve means that there are less parts to maintain. 

Overall, a simple but highly effective solution to controlling blast media flows from the blast pot.


Maxi (Pressure Hold) Abrasive Valve

The Industrial Minerals Maxi Valve is positioned at the base of the blast pot and is used to monitor the flow of abrasive into the blast line.  The valve is operated by a remote air supply. The MAXI Valve is normally closed and only opens when the Deadman handle is activated. 

A remote abrasive cut off allows the operator to cut off abrasive flow while maintaining a constant flow of air, allowing a quick and easy way to clear the blast hose and blasting area of abrasives.

The Maxi valve is a very effective solution to remote control of abrasive flow from the blast pot.

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