PTQ Safety Painters Goggle

The PTQ Safety Painters Goggle will provide you with more comfort, less fatigue, better protection and improved productivity. The PTQ Safety Painters Goggle has been designed by and for painting professionals.PTQ Safety Painters Goggle  offers superior operator comfort as it fits snuggly on your face and offers maximum visibility.

The PTQ SYSTEM was designed specifically for spraying. Regular goggles become useless once the back spray gets on the lens.Trying to clean off the lens is impossible because plastic, unlike glass, just smudges leaving the vision even more obstructed. With the PTQ SYSTEM, just pull the tab, advancing the film, clearing vision. After 14 frame advances, just throw the canister away and start with a new one. Unlike stick on lenses, the PTQ Lenses are pulled off and thrown away. No mess.Ask any of our referenced customers what they think. They will tell you that these are the best thing for spray painting since the Invention of the spray gun! Works Great with 1/2 FACE RESPIRATOR or 1/2 FACE DUST MASK !

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