99.99% Purity Zinc Wire for Metalization

 Industrial Minerals Zinc Wire offers many advantages over the existing products in the market.  Each of the following features has been designed to give you hassle free spraying from the first couple of centimeters, right through to the end of the drum.


Guaranteed 99.99% Pure Zinc for a quality finish both you and your customers can depend on. 

Moisture Control

Industrial Minerals Zinc Wire packaged and transported in a humidity controlled environment to ensure minimal oxidization on the wire surface.  Oxidization, if bad enough will cause wire feed problems. 

Container Packaging     

Industrial Minerals 2.3mm & 3.2mm Zinc Wire is packaged in 200kg drums,  not 250kgs.  The reason for this is that the reduced weight will not cause the wire to become distorted towards the bottom of the drum. How often have you had to throw away the last 20kgs because it will not feed though the gun? 

Product Handling. 

The Kraft drums are designed to reduce condensation and come complete with two sturdy handles for easy transportation and lifting on site.

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