Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd sells a range of abrasive blast media.  Since the company first began Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd has worked with manufacturers, suppliers, and producers to ensure that only the best abrasive media is offered. Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd is New Zealand's leading supplier.

  • The highest performing and highest quality products.
  • Holds the largest stocks located through out New Zealand.
  • Offers the widest range of products.
  • Can supply you the best value products.
  • Is the leading supplier in New Zealand.
  • Our service is unmatched in the industry.
  • Our products are used by the majority of the major contractors.
  • Provides the best experience and knowledge
  • Is the exclusive supplier of Super Garnet, our highest quality and performing garnet.
  • Our products produce the lowest levels of dust.

Many of our suppliers are ISO registered and products are batch controlled to ensure consistent quality.

All Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd Abrasive Media products meet International Safety Standards and are deemed non-hazardous.

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