ADF 2000 Plus

2000 Plus is a high molecular weight synthetic co-polymer. 2000 Plus has an increased shelf life when compared to normal liquid PHPA’s, with ease of mixing. 2000 Plus mixes readily in fresh, brackish to saline waters, yields rapidly with minimum shear.  20l drums


C.R.P. is a high molecular weight, powdered polymer. When mixed with fresh water, a small quantity of C.R.P. provides a clear, viscous fluid, to improve core recovery, particularly in broken and sandy formations.  15kg pails

ADF Loss

ADF-Loss organic polymer is a modified guar gum in the form of a granular powder. It is designed for use in fresh to salty water.  15kg pails

ADF Trol

ADF Trol, is a high molecular weight polyanionic cellulose, provides filtration control and viscosity in water based drilling fluids. ADF Trol can improve core recovery in most difficult conditions15kg pails


A drilling polymer with a high molecular weight.  Drill-Pro provides a complete drilling fluid system and mixes very rapidly in fresh or brackish water.  25kg pails.


Pac LV is a polyanionic cellulose polymer of low viscosity. Pac LV is an effective filtrate reducer in fresh or salty water that provides maximum wall cake building properties.  25kg bags


Pac-R, is high molecular weight polyanionic cellulose, providing filtration control, bore hole stability and supplementary viscosity in most water based drilling fluids, also produces a tough,thin filter cake.  25kg bags

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