Plastic Blast Media


Type A is manufactured of sprue and hardened UREA and PHENOLIC parts.

Type UF is manufactured of completely hardened UREA parts and is the reliable standard quality for numerous industrial applications.

Type II is the improved version of Type A-UF which is, in further production processes sift according to American standard mesh-sizes and a special antistatic agent is added.

Type III is manufactured of completely hardened MELAMIN formed parts. Because of its higher hardness one can on certain kinds of surfaces achieve a better blasting result. Compared to Type II the consumption of blasting media is approx. 20% less.

Type V is made of type PMMA GS Acrylic material. It`s main application is cleaning and paint stripping of soft / thin nonferrous metals and composite parts. The paint stripping rate of Type V is some 10% higher than that of Type II and it does not roughen surfaces of soft metals and galvanic coatings. The consumption of blasting media of Type V is approx. 50% less than that of Type II.

Type II, Type III and Type V has meanwhile obtained the MIL-P-85891A approval by U.S. Air Force and is thus released for the worldwide use in the Aircraft- and Military-area.

Type PA6 is used for deflashing of thermoset moldings. Due to its high elasticity, an intact surface is guaranted. Low wear on the grit ensures dust-free surfaces without costly rework.

Type PC is used for deflashing of rubber parts. Rubber parts are deburred usually between -20 C and -140 C. Type PC has the ideal characteristics to achieve optimum results even when deflashing at low temperatures. An expensive re work of the surface is eliminated.