ADF Liquid Sperse

Liquid Sperse is an anionic acrylic co-polymer, it immediately lowers the rheology of most drilling fluids. Liquid Sperse is particularly efficient in freshwater system with low to medium solids concentrations. Designed to effectively deflocculate bentonite muds.  25kg pail

ADF Plug A & B

ADF Plug A & B is a foam system in the form of two liquids. When these two liquids are mixed together they form a rigid urethane foam. Ideal for sealing drilling collars.  1.2 and 0.8kg cans

ADF-Set 30

ADF-Set 30, a high strength gypsum cement, is formulated to set as a strong plug in various set times.  20kg pail


ADF-Swell is a hydrophilic polymer in granular form which swells to approximately 500 times its original volume in fresh water and to approximately 50 times in salt water.Used to prevent lost circulation through vugs and fractures when diamond drilling.  8kg pail

OD Grade Barites

A high quality barium sulphate used to increase mud density in all types of drilling fluids.  25kg bag

Paper Seal

A lost circulation control material.  10kg bag

Potassium Chloride

A finely ground, water soluble inorganic salt used extensively for its clay stabilising properties.  25kg bags

Water Force

Water Force is a new generation liquid additive for the treatment of high to extremely high hardness in drilling fluid make up water. Most drilling fluid additives are sensitive to calcium and magnesium levels. Water Force will eliminate your hardness problems and reduce costly over use of product that normally occurs in poor or hard water.  10kg pail

White Quartz Sand

A high purity, tightly screened, white quartz sand available in various sizes including K2 - 7/14.  Excellent for use in Gravel Packs.  20kg bags

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