Industrial Minerals Stock or Indent a range of alternative abrasive media for specialist applications. 

A list of the more common types and their properties :

Walnut Shell

Walnut Shell Walnut shell abrasive is supplied in 20Kg bags. Walnut shell abrasive is used to clean and polish soft metals, fibreglass, wood, plastics and stone.  Walnut shell also works as a deburring and deflashing product for mouldings, castings and electrical parts. Walnut shell is very efficient when used to tumble and polish jewellery, metal parts, and to prepare surfaces for painting.  Walnut shell is a100% organic product and is non toxic and bio-degradable. Typical 3.0 Mohs

Black Rock Abrasive

Ori-block A natural volcanic abrasive in 18/10 mesh and #18 All in.  Produced from volcanic rock this abrasive has a very low silica content and is also "softer" than other, more aggressive abrasives, such as Garnet. This product is available in 25kg and 1 tonne bulk bags. Typical 5.0 Mohs

Plastic Media

Cleaning with plastic media is a fast, environmentally acceptable and cost effective alternative to traditional chemical and hand stripping.  Unlike chemical strippers, plastic media is bio degradable, non toxic, and non polluting. Typical 3.5 Mohs.

Industrial Minerals can indent various types of Plastic Media. Pictured is a coarse grade Urea type plastic media suitable for general surface preparation work such as mould cleaning, removing carbon deposits from engines, and paint and coating removal from surfaces with minimal surface distortion.


The information provided is, to the best of our knowledge, representative of the product. Natural products do vary, so these figures are approximations for guidance only.  As conditions of use are beyond our control, no liability is accepted for any loss or damage sustained arising from the use of this information or any products.  Because of ongoing development the product parameters may be changed without notice.

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