One of the most important properties monitored throughout the drilling operation is the weight of the mud.  A Mud Balance consists of a beam with a mud cup at one end and a fixed counterweight at the other end, with a graduated scale.  A level bubble is mounted on the beam to ensure accurate balancing.  The Industrial Minerals Mud Balance is FIELD PROVEN and will withstand the rigors of life on a rig.  At the same time it will provide you with an accurate measure of your mud weight. 

Easy to use and a real money saving device.



Viscosity and gel strengths are measurements that relate to the flow properties of the fluids.   The Funnel Viscosity has been measured for many years to provide an indication of the relative viscosity of drilling fluids.  The Marsh Funnel and Cup are calibrated to outflow one quart (946ml) of fresh water in 26 seconds.



What we have here is a sure fire way of mixing powdered polymer and other additives to a mud mix that minimises the development of fisheyes.  The disperser is constructed from PVC with a Teflon® coated venturi.  Requiring a liquid flow of only 75 litres per minute at a pressure of 20psi the disperser will be able to mix up to 0.5kg of polymer a minute or 25kgs per hour.

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