ADF Penetration Oil

ADF Penetration Oil is a soluble vegetable based lubricant developed to be used to improve rate-of-penetration (ROP) by promoting a hydrophobic coating on down hole equipment allowing cutting to pass and exit the hole in all types of water quality.  25 litre pack

ADF Pressure Lube

ADF Pressure Lube is a biodegradable soluble oil, developed specifically for the diamond drilling industry. ADF Pressure Lube’s unique characteristics provide maximum reduction of torque in a wide variety of water types. ADF Pressure Lube extends the life of the diamond bit and will improve penetration rates.  25kg pails

Maxi Lube

Maxi Lube is a maximum performance lubricant, specially formulated with poor water conditions in mind. Unlike other lubricants on the market, Maxi Lube handles the crossover of drilling styles with ease. This product will come in to its own when deep hole or directional work is needed. The formulation of Maxi Lube will allow mixing in severe water conditions like high level salt, magnesium and calcium hardness.  25 litre pail

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