Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd Glass Beads are manufactured at an ISO 9000 registered plant. Each batch of beads is tested to ensure that they meet the exact specification that this abrasive media demands.

Industrial Minerals Glass Beads are packaged in double lined bags and transported in a humidity controlled environment to ensure that they arrive in a dry, free flow, clump free, condition.

Some glass beads may be manufactured from recycled glass and consequently contain unsafe levels of contaminates. This is not the case with Industrial Minerals Glass Beads. These have been tested, by independent laboratories in New Zealand, and found to be within published TCLP parameters. Freely available elements have also been found to be within acceptable levels. Copies of all test results are available upon request.

Industrial Minerals Glass Bead customers are amongst New Zealand's Leading Industrial Companies.

COARSE Nominal Size

Examples of Application by Size

AB 300-180 micron Use for removing paint or epoxy from electrical parts - 60psi
AC 250-150 micron Remove carbon type deposits without altering sizes - 60psi
AD 212-106 micron Deburr, level and smooth aluminium - 40 psi
AE 150-90 micron Micro etch plastic surfaces to improve coating adhesion - 30psi



As a general rule, when using glass beads:

  • The larger the bead the brighter the surface finish.
  • The smaller the bead the more matt surface finish.
  • The larger the bead the deeper the clean / peen.
  • The smaller the size the faster the clean.
  • Never blast Glass Beads over 80psi.
  • Replace worn blast parts immediately paying special attention to nozzles.

Sizes others than those listed are available, please call us for details.

The information provided is, to the best of our knowledge, representative of the product. Natural products do vary, so these figures are approximations for guidance only.  As conditions of use are beyond our control, no liability is accepted for any loss or damage sustained arising from the use of this information or any products.  Because of ongoing development the product parameters may be changed without notice.

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