ElectroPhysik Coating Thickness Gauges

The new series of coating thickness gauges from ElectroPhysik based on innovative SIDSP Technology. SIDSP stands for Sensor-Integrated Digital Signal Processing - a technology where the sensors create and control the signals for the sensor head in a completely digital manner, inside the sensor.

MiniTest 700 740 730 720

Coating Thickness

  • Varnish, paint and other non-ferrous coatings on steel
  • Insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals
  • Electroplated coatings on conductive substrates
  • Multilayer coatings on insulating substrates

Wall Thickness

  • Non destructive wall thickness measurement
  • Measures hard materials such as steel, plastics, glass, ceramics, etc.
  • Measures residual wall thickness to detect flaws and pittings
  • Measures through the paint or coating, eliminates coating up to 2mm thickness

Pinhole Detection

  • Holiday detector for detecting pores and holes in insulating materials
  • Works on conductive substrates such as steel, aluminium etc.


  • Portable roughness meter for quick and precise measurement in the workshop, in quality inspection and on site. The surface of the measuring object is scanned with a polished diamond tip whose movement is converted by means of a piezo-electric sensor.
  • Evaluation of these signals is performed by an integrated micro-processor and displayed in terms of roughness values Ra and Rz.


  • Spectrophotometric colorimeter with external measuring head 45/0
  • Colour measurement and recording for quality conformance inspection
  • Colour distance measurement
  • Measurement of absolute colour spaces


  • Portable gloss measuring device with universal 60 measuring geometry and mirror-gloss switch-over.
  • A USB port is available for data transfer to a PC.


  • Hand-held hardness tester for the use in laboratory and on the shop floor.
  • A built-in data printer is available for printout of test results, settings and histogram.
  • The gauge measures in all hardness scales: HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, HB, HS and HL.

Asphalt Layer Thickness

  • Non-destructive road layer thickness measuring gauge to measure bituminous road layers or other electrically insulating road layers.
  • Measuring range 0cm-40cm.
  • 0cm-10cm and 5cm-80cm testers also available

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