Crushed Glass Blasting Media

Crushed Glass Blasting Media is a cheap blasting media made from crushed glass. It's for all types of blasting very similar to the old white silica sand referred to as sand blasting. Industrial Minerals crushed windscreen glass is manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing plant.

It is made of recycled glass products. Then it's crushed by a roller type mechanism to a consistency of 40-80 mesh size, similar to table salt. It will clean old paint, rust, corrosion, etc. and produces an etched white metal finish so important for primer and paint.

While not containing free Silica, use of crushed glass without strict PPE may lead to scarring of the lungs if inhaled and should be strictly monitored. Surrounding areas and clothing should always be decontaminated of any dust and all dust should be disposed of in accordance with local Health & Safety Guidelines.

Available Grades

Polish Grade
Light Grade
Medium Grade
Heavy Grade
Super Heavy Grade

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