Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd Blast Pots are rated for 125psi working pressure and, where required, have been tested to meet New Zealand requirements for pressure vessels.  Blast pots should be visually inspected once a year by an approved authority.  The blast pot is a pressure vessel and must not be modified without the prior approval of an authorised engineer and will require pressure testing before it is able to be re-commissioned.

A well engineered blast pot allows smooth air and abrasive flow throughout the system and is easy to operate and maintain.  The blast pot should have a concave head which stores abrasive which then flows into the pot when the machine is depressurised.


 A good blast machine will have conical bottom with, at least, 35osloped sides.  Steel grit and other common abrasives have a natural angle of repose of 32o.  This is the slope of the abrasive when it is poured into a mound.  A blast machine with a shallow base will not empty completely.  The abrasive remaining inside will eventually absorb moisture and harden against the machines wall and around the outlet.  This can lead to corrosion of the blast pot and inconsistent abrasive flow. 

All blast pots should have a hand hole big enough to allow reasonable access into the machine to replace parts and remove foreign material.  There should be enough room to reach the outlet at the bottom and the pop up valve at the top. 

The best blast machine is simple to look at. 

Avoid complicated looking machines with small bore piping and shallow bases.


Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd stock a range of three sizes of Blast Pots.  (Other sizes can be ordered.)

 50lb Blast Pot

Media Capacity 22.5 Kgs - 0.3 Cubic Foot - 20 litres



300lb Blast Pot

Media Capacity 136 Kgs - 3.0 Cubic Foot - 85 litres




600lb Blast Pot

Media Capacity 272 Kgs -  6.0 Cubic Foot - 170 litres





The BARE - blast pot is supplied with external piping and internal pop-up valve. 

An abrasive Ball valve is fitted and pneumatic wheels are included.

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